2022-07-09T19:04:23.000-07:00July 09 2022, at 07:04 PM PDT, Tammy McKinney said:

Schedules are updated for tomorrow (Sunday, July 10) due to the cancelled games today due to rain!!

2022-07-08T14:44:24.000-07:00July 08 2022, at 02:44 PM PDT, Tammy McKinney said:

Friday July 8: Games at Shelby Co and South Oldham are on tonight with a 1 hour delay in the original scheduled time.

2022-07-08T14:28:13.000-07:00July 08 2022, at 02:28 PM PDT, Tammy McKinney said:

Good Luck District 2 teams at State this weekend!! Bring home some bling!!

2022-07-05T19:12:49.000-07:00July 05 2022, at 07:12 PM PDT, Tammy McKinney said:

Please keep the kids well hydrated with these hot temperatures!!

2022-07-03T15:00:08.000-07:00July 03 2022, at 03:00 PM PDT, Tammy McKinney said:


2022-07-01T13:27:23.000-07:00July 01 2022, at 01:27 PM PDT, Tammy McKinney said:

Hi Everyone!! I have added some pictures. Please check them out! Also, the scores are not showing up on the main calendar page but if you go to the division for your team--you will see the scores there. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have escalated to the support team.

2022-06-28T06:51:26.000-07:00June 28 2022, at 06:51 AM PDT, Tammy McKinney said:

League Presidents/Managers/Coaches/Parents: Please DO NOT go by the standings on this website for your teams. I follow LL rules for tie breakers which these standings DO NOT take into consideration. I try to delete this area every year but I cannot. Hopefully, I will be able to in the future. Thanks for your patience!!

2021-07-14T19:44:49.000-07:00July 14 2021, at 07:44 PM PDT, Tammy McKinney said:

Thanks to everyone for a great District Tournament!! Good luck to everyone at State!! Tammy McKinney, DA